The areas around Hotel Waterfront Göteborg are steeped in fascinating history. Some of that history has been preserved and is well worth a visit. There are three primary time periods that stand out: the fourteenth to seventeenth centuries and the old Älvsborg fortress; the eighteenth century and the East India Company’s trade with China; and the nineteenth century’s industrial epoch, with the old Carnegie factory and its production of sugar and porter.

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Klippan cultural reserve

“Klippan” is an abbreviation of Skinnareklippan, the name of the small hill on which Saint Birgitta’s Chapel stands to this day. The chapel was built by David Carnegie for workers at the brewery, and is a copy of the church in his hometown in Scotland.
The cultural reserve was founded in the 1970s and works to preserve buildings around Saint Birgitta’s Chapel that are of historic interest. The oldest buildings date back to the days of the East India Company, but there is also a lot from the industrial age of the nineteenth century. Make sure to take a walk along the cobbled streets and see the old workers’ dwellings, giant porter barrel, school and church.