Enhance your conference experience with local history and gastronomy!

It’s always nice to get the group together around a table for a shared culinary experience. Find out more about all of our tasty activities here!

Porter tasting



In front of the hotel stands a giant, century-old porter barrel. In this barrel you will meet Sweden’s leading porter connoisseur, who will guide you through the secrets of this beer. You will gain an entertaining insight into what sets porter apart, how it is produced and its fascinating history. The tasting lasts roughly one hour, during which you will get to try three different types of porter. The barrel can accommodate up to 20 people; for bigger groups, the tasting is held in the hotel.

Duration: roughly one hour.
Cost: SEK 225 per person, incl. VAT. Minimum 10 people


Volvo PV tour and porter tasting


Take your colleagues, clients or friends on a nostalgic tour around Gothenburg in which you yourselves have the chance to get your hands on the wheel of a Volvo PV 444/544. Our guide, who leads the column of cars, offers fascinating glimpses into the history of the Volvo PV, from its birth to present day. Then go even further back in time, to the golden age of the Carnegie porter, with a porter tasting in a giant, century-old porter barrel that stands outside the hotel.
Under the guidance of Sweden’s foremost porter connoisseur, taste three types of unique porter vintages while taking in the unique history behind each one.

Duration: 2 – 2.5 hours
Cost: SEK 5,300 for 10 people; for 11 – 15 people an additional SEK 350 per person, incl. VAT.

Otto’s Beer Journey


Take part in a beer tasting where you get to savour and experience different beers from all the corners of the world. During this one-hour session, you will be guided through nine different types of beer – roughly 900 ml of beer per person in all. For groups of up to 20 people, the beer tasting is held in the giant old porter barrel in front of the hotel. For bigger groups the tasting can be held in the hotel.

Duration: roughly one hour.
Cost: SEK 275 per person, incl. VAT. Minimum 10 people.

Beer tasting – micro breweries

Try out some beers from local breweries with national renown!

In recent years, breweries have started appeared in Gothenburg and its environs that are creating exciting and imaginative beers of excellent quality. Breweries such as Dugges, Beerbliotek, Rådanäs, Poppels, Göteborgs Nya and Ocean all offer a wide selection, including everything from light lagers to dark and flavourful porters.
Our beer specialist will guide you through this selection and present his favourites.
The tasting takes place in the old, giant porter barrel in the courtyard, by flickering candlelight.

Option 1: “The small stomach”
Try five different beer types. Duration: roughly one hour.
Cost: SEK 280 per person, incl. VAT. Minimum 10 people

Option 2: “The large stomach”
Try eight different beer types. Duration: roughly one and a half hours.
Cost: SEK 375 per person, incl. VAT. Minimum 10 people

Porter tasting with a golden touch

For those who want a little added luxury. Perhaps you have already been to the porter tasting and want to take things that step further? You will get to hear about porter’s birth in London, how it came to Sweden and what happened next.
In addition to the three types of porter included in the normal tasting, you can also try: an oyster porter from Grebbestad, a Carnegie Special 175th Anniversary Porter from 2011, a porter aged for at least four years and a rarity of the imperial stout variety.

Duration: 75 – 90 min.
Cost: SEK 325 per person, incl. VAT. Minimum 10 people.

Beer marathon for beer nerds


We have developed a combo tasting suitable for anyone with a passion for beer. We start our journey into the world of beer with something light and easy before moving on to slightly stronger and more bitter flavours. Seven different types of beer are tasted in this introductory stage.
We then move on to Otto’s main passion and the history of the hotel, leaving the see-through stuff and stepping into the darkness… We taste seven dark beers, those included in the luxury “golden touch” tasting. This is a tasting that leaves no one unmoved!

Duration: 90 – 120 min.
Cost: SEK 545 per person, incl. VAT. Minimum 10 people.

Cooking night with Sjömagasinet

Gather friends, clients and colleagues for an unforgettable night of cooking at the award-winning, Michelin-starred Sjömagasinet. Learn the art of stocks and sauces and the secrets behind sea and forest delicacies alike, all in one and the same evening!

This cooking night opens with Champagne and canapés. A three-course meal is prepared and then enjoyed in a pleasant, easy-going manner. In addition to the meal, wine is served with each course and the dinner is rounded off with coffee. The evening is spent in one of Gothenburg’s oldest stone houses, Ankarsmedjan, which is located a stone’s throw away from the hotel. Everyone can take the recipe for the goodies home with them, so the success can be repeated whenever the mood takes you.

Duration: 4 – 5 hours
Cost: SEK 1,970 per person, incl. VAT. Minimum 12 people.

Chocolate tasting

Storm & Billie is a unique chocolate factory that manufactures chocolate from selected cocoa beans. They accentuate the natural and unique flavors of the cocoa bean during the chocolate manufacturing, by only adding raw sugar.

It’s an interesting and tasty experience that will surprise you!

“Bean to bar at Waterfront”
You will start the chocolate tasting with a presentation of the bean to bar concept. After the presentation you will have a taste from Storm & Billie’s chocolate assortment.

Duration: About 1 hour.
Price: 220: – /person and an installation cost of 1000 SEK.
Minimum 10 people, max 100 people.

“Factory visit & chocolate tasting”
When you arrive, you start with Storm & Billie’s home-made hot chocolate. Then you will have a visit through the factory and a taste from Storm & Billie’s chocolate assortment. Perfect activity for example a family gathering.

Duration: About 1 hour
Price: 200: – /person
Minimum 4 people,
max 15 people.

You can read more about Storm & Billie on their website