Á la carte

Our kitchen has an international direction with the ambition to offer exciting taste experiences. We offer a wide range of home cooked dishes to different price levels.
The menu is updated as the seasons change, to create variation and to always be up-to-date.

Between 25th of June and 19th of August we will not be serving our Á la carte,
instead we will serve our delicious barbeque menu. from 18.00 every day.


Happy summer


  • Veal Carpaccio

    Beer pickled onion, salt baked celeriac, whitefish roe, water cress, egg confit

    145 SEK

  • Bleek Roe

    Bleek roe, red onion, sour cream, herb salad, brioche

    205 SEK

  • Cauliflower panna cotta

    Pumpkin purée, beetroots, beetroot gel, goat cheese, hazelnuts, coriander cress

    139 SEK


  • Cold cuts platter (gluten free)

    Three types of Swedish cold cuts, olives, homemade crispbread made from seeds

    195 SEK

  • Cheese platter (gluten free)

    Three types of cheese from Swedish farms, marmalade, homemade crispbread made from seeds.

    195 SEK

  • Pickled herring platter (gluten free)

    Three types of pickled herring from the Swedish West Coast, mature cheddar, homemade crispbread made from seeds.

    195 SEK


  • Catch of the day

    Fish caught in Swedish waters, seasonal vegetables.

    265 SEK

  • Meat of the day

    Meat from Swedish farms, seasonal vegetables.

    265 SEK

  • Loin of skrei

    Wild garlic vichyssoise, gem lettuce, chard, sea weed velouté

    295 SEK

  • Saithe

    Lacianto kale, white asparagus, Hasselback potatoes, whitefish roe

    310 SEK

  • Artichoke risotto

    Chantarelles, salt baked celeriac, parsley, parmesan

    225 SEK

  • Filet of beef

    Pommes dauphinoise, silver skin onion, emulsion of mushroom, port wine and green pepper jus

    345 SEK

  • Lamb

    Salt baked celeriac, tomato jam, boulangere terrine, spiced madeira jus

    325 SEK


  • Porter cake

    Guinness ice cream, beer meringue

    110 SEK

  • Key Lime Pie

    Compote of berries, sable biscuits

    95 SEK

  • Dessert

    Dessert of the day

    95 SEK

  • Kaffegodis

    Homemade sweets

    69 SEK

  • Ice cream

    Homemade ice cream and sorbet.

    85 SEK


  • Coffee

    29 SEK

  • Espresso

    30 SEK

  • Double Espresso

    36 SEK

  • Cappuccino

    38 SEK

  • Latte

    38 SEK

  • Café au lait

    38 SEK

  • Tea

    29 SEK

  • Hot chocolate

    35 SEK


  • Irish Coffee

    – irish whiskey, brown sugar, coffee, cream

    105/145 SEK

  • Kaffe Karlsson

    – baileys, cointreau, coffee, cream

    105/145 SEK

  • Leonard Sachs

    – kahlúa, grand marnier, coffee, cream

    105/145 SEK

  • Cuban Coffee

    – dark rum, liquor 43, coffee, cream

    105/145 SEK

Waterfront Restaurant

Weekdays 11.00 - 00:00

11:30 – 14:00 lunch buffet, 169 SEK
11:00 – 23:30 brewer’s menu
18:00 – 22:30 à la carte


Weekends and public holidays
12:30 – 23:30 brewer’s menu
12:30 – 22:30 à la carte

At night, drinks and simple dishes can be bought from reception.

Please note that during the summer months our lunch buffet goes on holiday; we instead serve our brewers menu every day from 12:30 p.m. until midnight.